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Intentional Inclusiveness

Tish’s unique combination of humor, personal experience and effective strategies provides an empowering and refreshing training for campus leaders to do more in their role, and to do it on purpose and with confidence.

Learning how to become effective allies and strengthen community & engagement requires acting with intention. In this training, Tish shares principles for becoming an inclusion-minded leader. The training contains principles to help individuals become more intentional in how equity and inclusion is understood and practiced.


- Discover how to develop meaningful connections

- Identify specific actionable that one can take to improve one’s ability influence & rapport with others

- Embrace a more equitable leadership approach to understanding and practicing intentional inclusion

Intentional Inclusiveness 2.0

Now that you have experienced Intentional Inclusiveness, let us take a deeper dive. Ensuring a welcoming, inclusive learning, social, and working environment for all is the role of inclusive leadership.

So, what does that actually look like in action? Advancing inclusive excellence and positive change in complex communities like today’s college campus is an ongoing practice for all. Those that commit to being open and making this a part of their personal leadership style will win!! You will become more adept at fostering dialogue with a gamut of personalities with diverse experiences, and more open to building relationships with people with different perspectives.

Through hands-on activity, learning exercises, and lively discussion, Tish will help attendees begin to grasp a deeper and intersectional understanding of the dynamics of difference, power and privilege; and the energy, emotional intelligence, enthusiasm, drive, and necessary to achieve ambitious goals.


Listening Through the Noise:
4 Strategies That Disrupt 
Bias & Prejudice

Organizations send powerful messages when they demonstrate a commitment to equity and inclusion that is fueled by action, not just rhetoric. One isolated keynote or IDEA training will not change organizational culture alone, and transformation only happens when individuals commit to disrupting their various levels of comfortability through ongoing learning opportunities.

“Noise” is a 4-part series where Tish strategically introduces 4 key approaches that help audiences distinguish and disrupt communication behaviors involving implicit bias, microaggressions and others that impede progress, rather than incite change. We all have biases, we know that. However, when we actually begin challenging traditions, paradigms, shifting behaviors, and building confidence through the noise of uncertainty, disunity, strained race relations, and economic downturns, it is often in complex controversy that positive change is imminent.


- Learn 4 key strategies that disrupt bias: Recognition, Acknowledgement, Mindfulness, and Acceptance

- Incite meaningful dialogue, respectful interruptions, and the sharing of perspectives that encourage constructive discourse to uncover and identify updated strategies for creating more inclusive spaces.

- Increase the recognition of biases, unproductive behaviors and more importantly, how to work towards eliminating them.

- Encourage a full commitment to completing this “mandatory” IDEA experience for all members of your organization, which demonstrates your organization's clear commitment to creating an environment in which everyone truly feels welcomed, informed and respected.

- Incorporate the frameworks of emotional intelligence and intercultural competency, which helps us go beyond what is (what’s been taught) to ameliorate our language, behaviors, knowledge, and traditions in a way that does not asphyxiate significant, meaningful progress.

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