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While delivering an etiquette class this summer, I began by simply asking the audience, “Does knowing what to do, when, and how even matter these days?” "Does it matter to you?"


If you’re like me, perhaps you have been at an event that you weren’t quite sure what to do, say, or how to be. At that moment, your self-confidence began to do a little dance in your head. What's clear is that you do not have to be at a special event to incorporate good manners. There is etiquette and good manners for every aspect of life. 


Did you know that there are 10 types of etiquette, like social, dining, wedding, virtual meetings, email, etc.? According to author Aja Frost, there are 5 types of business etiquette, alone! How do we keep up with all of this in a society that seems like it changes daily, and that punches buttons in lieu of human interaction?


Chew on this….


~Etiquette helps us boost our confidence, and I rank confidence right up there with intelligence. Being smart is a great characteristic. However, having the self-confidence to go after your goals in life and speaking with power, conviction, and authority can often carry you further than you every imagined. "Manners = Confidence"


~Etiquette makes people feel comfortable—you and others. For example, when you visit someone’s home for a Holiday meal or you host guests; you don’t just stand at the front door and talk, do you? Invite them in, make them feel welcomed, offer a beverage or a snack until dinner time. How else would we know which social graces to extend? 


~Etiquette gives us life skills. Do I talk on my phone at the table? When should I eat with both hands? Can I answer a question with food in my mouth? My food comes out first, should I eat? What about polish? Manners? Kindness? Consideration? Humility? I feel that today is the BEST TIME in which to resuscitate proper etiquette, because it’s simply not being taught nor enforced and we're simply, missing the point. 


Take a look at my DINING ETIQUETTE EXPERIENTIAL WORKSHOP. I'm confident that it suits your upcoming programming needs.

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