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An energetic virtual keynote speaker pulls the whole event together. Tish will kick it off in style, comment on transitions, call on viewers, and wrap up with a tidy bow on your entire experience. Tish's skilled online delivery flawlessly removes the clumsiness online presentations can bring. 

In virtual, we must be more engaging than in-person to captivate viewers. Tish has 20+ years proven and demonstrated facilitation, hosting, speaking, training & development experience in a corporate, social, community, and educational environments, especially with in-person and virtual facilitation delivery. 

Tish Norman Certified Virtual Presenter

Producing in a Pandemic

With school and work pivoting to virtual, interacting online from day to day can be challenging. You're exilerated, then tired. You're engaged, then struggling to stay focused. One day, you're excited to attend another virtual event and suddenly, you feel challenged to maintain. Good news! You will go down in history as the generation that produces in a pandemic.

This interactive program allows student leaders to learn how to unleash their creativity and engage virtual meetings and memorable virtual events so end the end, you're different and better.


- Tap into creative and unique ways to learn by making the most of your time

- Cultivate your personal routine so you stay motivated and committed to goal completion

- Discover how getting back to the basics and current trends can set you apart from the crowd

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