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It is critical that someone kicks off your next big event with high energy and enthusiasm.  If you want to open with a bang and get your audience excited about the event, then you should consider having Tish Norman host your event.  Tish uses music, interactivity, humor, and energetic motivation to engage audiences and keep the energy levels high throughout the event.


Tish is highly celebrated as a conference energizer and as a “Mistress of Ceremonies.” She projects enthusiasm, pleasant appearance, confidence, skill with words, and ability to think on her feet. Whether your audience is pumped up or needs a little enthusiasm, Tish can get things moving by establishing rapport with the audience and generating a contagious “oomph” that gets everyone excited and involved.


Whether she’s on stage kicking off leadership conferences or raising money on a virtual fundraiser, Tish will help you get things started off BIG.  Sign up below for more information, and we’ll put you in touch with Tish directly to discuss what you need and imagine for your next big event.

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