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The wait is over!!

Welcome Week Planners, New Student Orientation Leaders & Student Life Programmers everywhere, have expressed a desire to incorporate, not just another DE&I lecture, but an experience that is interactive and experiential for their group.


Well, guess what? 

Ya girl has joined forces with her colleague, Dr. Josh Fredenburg and created ONE COLLEGE NATION!



One College Nation is a HIGHLY interactive DE&I program with non-stop experiential learning activities that are truly transformational.


In effect, ONE COLLEGE NATION is an experience that employs a live DJ, social learning, giveaways, inspiring interaction, fun, community building exercises, tons of engagement, and most of all, education—all centered around DE&I.


This program was created to provide space for community during New Student Orientation, Welcome Week, DE& I Day and other events held throughout the year, designed to equip participants in developing and practicing essential skills that will give them the confidence to develop cross-cultural relationships, intercultural competencies, and create an inclusive campus communities.


As active DE&I speakers, Dr. J. and I use almost 40 years of combined experience and DE&I certifications to curate an incredible program that addresses DE&I topics for your students.

Learning Outcomes 


Students Will:


●     Learn how to develop positive cross-cultural relationships

●     Increase their cultural competence

●     Understand the difference between diversity, inclusion, and equity

●     Define emotionally intelligence and when/how to use it

●     Develop more awareness about unconscious and implicit bias

●     Have lots of fun learning and building incredible relationships with others



Programming Model

Phase I

Establishing a Connection


From the moment that the audience enters the event space, they will not only be captivated by the infectious energy, incredible live music from the DJ, and special welcome from the lead speaker, but they will also kick things off with a series of collective icebreakers that help establish instant rapport, build relationships with others, and find commonalities. 


Phase II                                                      

Building Positive Cross-Cultural Relationships


After establishing rapport, the lead speaker will teach the audience how to use cultural intelligence to build positive relationships and establish community with diverse groups through a series of activities and conversations. This phase consists of a support team that will be used throughout the rest of the program as we engage in deeper conversations around DE&I.


Phase III                                             

Developing an Inclusive & Supportive Community


Next, the DJ and lead speaker will host a series of exciting games! These games are specifically designed to help bring the audience out of their shells, develop stronger social skills, and empower them to excel outside of their comfort zones. Then, a series of meaningful conversations, designed to increase their empathy and emotional intelligence will commence. These are designed to develop positive cross-cultural relationships with others, and build an inclusive/supportive community for all.


Phase IV                                                   

Creating Meaningful & Authentic Conversations


Next, the lead speaker will facilitate the next set of collective activities, enabling more connections, increasing awareness and learning about characteristics that healthy relationships are truly made of. That’s followed by a Q&A session, a sharing of key motivational strategies, and a quick debrief.


Phase V

The Call To Action


A culminating transformational activity that focuses on empowerment strategies to stay connected with one another, support one another throughout the entire school year, and work collectively to build an inclusive campus community for everyone will take place.


As an added bonus, each student will receive a stylish One College Nation wristband and their very own group photo to remind them of this amazing experience!


I am Interested In Booking 



If you are interested in setting up a call with me to learn more about how to book this incredible program, please feel free to email me anytime at


We look forward to working with you soon!

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