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This is the 2nd book in the "From Letters to Leaders" series, where collectively, Greek University authors have spent decades training & educating fraternity/sorority communities, and basically, we've seen it all. 


We know what works and what doesn't. Here, we share with you best practices & show you the practical strategies to build a better new member education process by leveraging belonging...which is something that all college students are seeking.


This book is helpful for college students, college administrators, alumni volunteers, and also national fraternity/sorority headquarters staff.


Check out Tish's chapter, Chapter 1: Alpha to Omega: The Power of Sankofa in A Brief History of Collegiate Greek-letter Organizations


Check out Tish and Greek University CEO Mike Ayalon as they discuss Tish's chapter, "Speaking Your Truth, Taking Up Space, and Being Fully Present".


Pick up a copy of their book

"From Letters to Leaders: Creating Impact on Your College Campus and Beyond". 

Listen to Tish and some of the authors of "#BLACKOUT" as they highlight how HIGHER ED can begin & continue dismantling racism in Student Affairs.


Read Tish's chapter "The Struggle is Real: Becoming a More Informed, Inclusive, and Intersectional Advisor of Black Greek-Letter Organizations"

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Read Tish's contribute in "Leading the Way".

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