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Networking Has Never Been This Much Fun! 

This is not your typical workshop experience. In this powerful networking experience, attendees will learn the basics of how to effectively network; get tips on how to model and experience more meaningful interactions, proper introductions, body language, and spirited conversations with other leaders, tribe members, and identify how to then, build a network from brief encounters.

But that’s not it! By cultivating and practicing making positive first impressions in person and virtually, it becomes easier to do the same in various work environments, and beyond. Bonus topics covered in this workshop will also include effective presentation skills, communication tips, which business attire is “hott” or not, and much, much more. 

Let the networking begin!


1. List key elements of effective networking

2. Network effectively with other professionals

3. Learn personal branding techniques

4. How to prepare to network so you “connect”

5. “Most Valuable Practices” (MVPs) in networking

6. Discover how to build confidence through a series of successful conversations

7. Describe next steps in building an effective network

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