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Beauty In Equity

During this unprecedented moment within the racial justice movement of the 21st Century, creating a space that acknowledges the achievements, contributions, and leadership of Black student leaders is critical.

Black students are among the most significant trendsetters, cultural producers, and community connectors, and while their contributions are becoming more understood, recognized or appreciated, there's still more work to be done. Opportunities for culturally-sensitive leadership development is now and intent/impact are just as crucial.


- Discover the importance of being a culturally competent leader who is purposeful, empowering, real, and moral


- Identify and implement their personal leadership skills, talents, and strengths.

- Develop more confidence


- Learn significant cultural and historical references.

Redefining Blackness

Black Student Unions were created to support the building of Black community on campus in response to the nonexistence of common areas on campus for Black students and the omission of the Black experience in courses of study.

This presentation introduces the genesis of BSUs as venues for out-of-the-classroom engagement for Black students & explores the 1960s, where Blacks attending PWIs, were void of advocacy systems for their interests and platforms for racial uplift.


- Learn the historical, cultural, educational, and social initiatives of BSUs promote unity

- Learn the history of why and how students demanded spaces for Black students, professors, courses and curriculum

- Gain strategies that promote equity and hone academic dexterity

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History, Herstory, YOUR Story!

Embracing people from diverse backgrounds shows that inclusion is important, and that helps support inclusion on campus. Tish helps sets the tone for your campus’ culturally sensitive programming by promoting intentionality to majority and marginalized students.

If you are looking for an innovative way to create stronger community among your diverse organizations, "HISTORY" will help make diversity a strategic priority that help execute goals!


- Better understand the culture of diverse students and campus-wide organizations

- Identify the MVPs (Most Valuable Points) of multiculturalism, diversity, equity, and inclusion

- Create a Personal Action Plan for implementation for themselves and their organization

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